fixed some Filters in report RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I have designed a report with use of CRMAF_FilteredAccount.
    I have successfully added this report to crm.
    Now I am showing that report. Its Showing First Filter Page & Then shows Report.
    In Filter Page I Want to show only Some Fields as a Filter & also I want that user can not able to select any other filter.
    Is It Possible?

    If Yes the how to do it?

    Pls answer .

    G. Goyal
    17 июля 2009 г. 11:04


  • This can possible only when you remove CRMAF_FilteredAccount and define parameters in report as filteres.
    Import this report direct in crm using crm report wizard.

    G. Goyal
    • Помечено в качестве ответа G Goyal 24 сентября 2009 г. 6:24
    24 сентября 2009 г. 6:23