Проблема с ДНС Win32 Error 87 RRS feed

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  • Решил мигрировать ДС и ДНС с Windows Server 2003 SP2 на Widnows Server 2008 R2. 

    задал команду 



    C:\>dcdiag /test:dns /s:


    Domain Controller Diagnosis


    Performing initial setup:

          *** Warning: could not confirm the identity of this server in

             the directory versus the names returned by DNS servers.

             If there are problems accessing this directory server then

             you may need to check that this server is correctly registered

             with DNS

       [] Directory Binding Error 87:

       Win32 Error 87

       This may limit some of the tests that can be performed.

       Done gathering initial info.


    Doing initial required tests


       Testing server: BAKU-CO\BAKU-CO-PDC

          Starting test: Connectivity

             ......................... BAKU-CO-PDC passed test Connectivity


    Doing primary tests


       Testing server: BAKU-CO\BAKU-CO-PDC


    DNS Tests are running and not hung. Please wait a few minutes...


       Running partition tests on : ForestDnsZones


       Running partition tests on : DomainDnsZones


       Running partition tests on : Schema


       Running partition tests on : Configuration


       Running partition tests on : mugan


       Running enterprise tests on :

          Starting test: DNS

             ......................... passed test DNS

    на данный момент 2 ДС и ДНС сервера. ПДС БДС
    и возникла такая проблема
    как с ней бороться? 
    Спасибо заранее 

    19 августа 2011 г. 6:45