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  • Стандартно - никак.

    Создать новую группу, перенести компьютеры в новую, старую группу удалить.


    Нестандартно - поправить выводимое имя группы в базе


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    OK here's how it can be done, this is not supported, and if it breaks anything well it's at your own risk, so take a backup of your database first.

    Go to the tbTargetGroup table in SQL Enterprise manager and return all rows. You should see the built in groups as well as your created groups.

    Just change the name of the group in here. Every other table that refers to the group refers to the ID not the name, so you should be able to change the name without any issues.



    Чем чревато, не знаю.

    11 декабря 2008 г. 12:56