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  • Не могу найти статью в TechNet о том, что Майкрософт рекомендует разделять группы безопасности и группы распространения по причине того, что администратор группы может хотеть видеть пользователя в списке рассылки, но не хочет давать ему права к ресурсу в сети. Кто-нибудь поможет найти? Желательно на английском.
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    Choosing the Group Type

    First, let’s address the issue of picking a distribution group or a security group. Here are some issues
    that may lead you to pick distribution groups for use as mail-enabled groups:
    ◆ Are the mail-enabled groups managed by a different administrator than the security groups?
    This would include tasks such as assigning membership to the group.
    ◆ Are the mail-enabled groups used only for sending e-mail messages and not for assigning
    permissions (in other words, the group won’t be used as a security principal)?
    If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should pick a distribution group. Factors that may
    influence your decision toward picking a security group over a distribution group include:
    ◆ Will the group be used both for distributing messages to mail recipients and for assigning
    permissions to resources?
    ◆ Do you want to ease your administrative burden by using only one type of group?
    ◆ Will the same administrator who assigns membership to the security groups be responsible for
    assigning membership to mail-enabled groups?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider using security groups.
    However, you may end up with a combination of group types. Groups that will be mail-enabled
    as well as being security principals will be security groups, while groups that are used only for e-mail
    distribution will be distribution groups.

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