не вижу список задач в outlook RRS feed

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  • мигрировали с exchange 2003 -> 2010

    клиенты outlook 2007/2010

    у нескольких пользователей появилась проблема - пропали все задачи из списка задач, обновление клиента не помогает, в OWA задачи видны, т.е. с ящиком все в порядке. Поделитесь опытом решения (если кто сталкивался).

    Заранее благодарен :)

    24 марта 2011 г. 8:57


  • уже нашел ответ:

    I realize this is an older thread, but we encountered a similar problem with mailbox move corruption and solved it mostly by using Outlook switches.

    During our first test mailbox moves from 2003 to 2010, if a mailbox reported corrupted items, we set the local move request to "Skip the corrupted messages" (typically with 5 for the "maximum number of messages to skip"). When we did that, the mailbox would often move, but then we encountered the problem noted above with the To-Do bar and list. (The To-Do list would display in cached mode, but it would not show up with cached mode disabled.)

    Most often for us, the corrupted items were default mailbox folders, especially search folders. (We could tell that the problem was with a default mailbox folder if the move failed at 10%; if it failed at a higher percentage, the problem was with individual corrupted items.) To clean corrupted items before moving mailboxes, we set up a new account with full access to the mailboxes reporting corruption, and then we ran Outlook switches on those accounts, one at a time. In about 80% of the corrupted mailboxes, /cleanfinders fixed the problem, and the mailbox moved without reporting any more corruption. For the remaining 20%, /cleanreminders and/or /resettodobar fixed almost all of them. However, on a few remaining mailboxes, we logged into them with MfcMAPI and deleted the “Reminders” or “Tracked Mail Processing” folders (*not* using a hard deletion). The mailbox moves were then able to complete without reporting corruption, and those users did not lose their To-Do bars. Users with individual messages or calendar items that were corrupted did not report To-Do bar problems when we skipped their corrupted mailbox items.
     (By the way, to fix missing To-Do bars, we either had people use cached mode in Outlook, or we opened their mailboxes in MfcMAPI and then performed a "hard (permanent/unrecoverable) deletion" of their "To-Do Search" folder in the mailbox's Root Container.)

    24 марта 2011 г. 13:54