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  • Hai all,

    i am sorry if i am posting this question in a wrong area. Please suggest the wright place, to post this question if i posted this in a wrong place. I am trying the answer for this question from a long time but didn't succeed.

    We are developing a mobile application with dynamics mobile compact framework 2.0 and visula studio 2005, windows mobile 5.0 emuator

    I navigate from one screen to other screen in the emulator with the help of soft keys that have been defined in the UserRole.Xml file.

    I have two Menu actions(two softkeys) in button right corner of the screen for which i need to validate data based on the menu action selected.

    The problem here is how can i determine which softkey(which tasklet action is selected) is selected in the method below which i have written in the Tasklet1.cs page
    Public Override ValidationResult Vaildate()

    if(////need to write the 'if' clause here to determine which action is seleceted from the tasklets Action tag)


    PLease kindly do the needful help.
    It would be helpful for me, if any body can give me a code snippet as i am new to Dynamics Mobile Development


    7 сентября 2009 г. 11:02