!!!computer ne chitaet vse ruskiyi programi na ruskam!!! RRS feed

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  • shto mne delat???

    computer s ameriki i interface angliskiy no ruskkiyi igri ili programi ne chitaet!!!

    Computer from us and can't read russian or cyrillic programes or games!!!


    mozhit bit nado shto to zakachat????
    14 сентября 2008 г. 8:01

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  • I  think you don't need  something to buy . Just try  install Russian  Language  from Control Panel . There is an applet which you need . It's  called Languages and regional setups  or  something else .
    If  this  method  doesn't help , you may be  need  a  file  cp1251.nls  or  this  file  was  corrupt .
    Try  enable  Russian  Language  and  inform  us  here .

    As  for  me  I  am  also  using  English  version  of  Vista  , but  other  programs  such  as  firefox  display  russian  correctly
    Besides , what  does  mean  that "
    ruskkiyi igri ili programi ne chitaet" ? Are  white  spaces (kvadrat I've  forgoyyen  this  word) or  something else . Describe  your problem  more  corrective .
    14 сентября 2008 г. 9:00
  • Chto znachit "ne chitaet"? Poprobyj v start-settings-control panel-Languages and region standarts-advanced vistavit' poddergky kodovih ctranic dlya cirilici.

    14 сентября 2008 г. 9:02