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  • При установке sql management studio 2008 express with tools появляется сообщение"it is not valid login or you do not have permission".  Подскажите, пожалуйста, как установить sql для учебных целей на windows 8, 32 bit. ?
    19 марта 2014 г. 16:40


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    how to instal MS SQL Server 2008 management studio in windows 8?

    Well for a start the OS requires the appropriate version of MS SQL to be installed. You may have difficulty in installing just the management studio because express is primarily designed to run on a stand alone machine. There is some configueration work to do to get ports open and protocols enabled. I suggest you install SQL 2008 R2 express with tools:

    You want the WT (with tools versions)

    however you may want to install sql 2012 express as this will connect to all earlier versions of MS SQL

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    20 марта 2014 г. 6:57