SQLColumns: Date column is displayed as a varchar column RRS feed

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  • I want know data type for columns in my table. For this I called ODBC function SQLColumns(). But for each column which has type "date" this function says that column is varchar, but it is not so. Information about data type I know through the field "DATA_TYPE" which return int code of type -9, but this code must be 91. What's the problem, please tell me.

    P.S. I use for retrieving information about columns standard C++ code example which is on official page.

    P.P.S For other DBMS this function SQLColumns() works correctly

    P.P.P.S For example, I use AdventureWorks2008 database. This DB has table HumanResourses.Employee, this table has column BirthDate which is DATE, and if I use SQLColumns for this table, I also get type as WVARCHAR(-9), but this column is DATE

    Thank you!

    24 октября 2014 г. 15:38