RDS, a script to add a user on all the mapped printers RRS feed


  • It sounds like you want a script to run when a user starts a TS session that grants them permission on all printers on a server. First, a user cannot give themselves permissions if they don't have it to begin with. It must be granted to them ahead of time by an administrator. Second, if permissions are granted, I don't understand why they are lost when the user logs off. I guess you mean that the permissions are granted to the session rather than the user. There must be some way to grant permissions to all TS users, by granting permissions to a group that all TS users belong to.

    If you are thinking of a logon script for this, it will run with the credentials and permissions of the user. I don't believe that can work. You need to find a group that all TS users belong to and grant the permissions to that group.

    Richard Mueller

    Monday, November 15, 2010 1:18 AM