Writing data output to azure storage account RRS feed

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  • Hi All.


    I have written a script that will do the following.

    Export data to 2 csv files.

    Combine the csv files onto a single excel workbook.

    Password protect the files and save the file onto C:\file.


    Now I want to change the script such that it runs within an azure setup, running the code from a pipeline as opposed to my local machine, the excel file should also be saved on an azure storage account.



    $csvFilePath = "D:\extract\A.csv"  
    $excelFilePath = "D:\extract\B.xls"
    $csvFilePath2 = "D:\extract\C.csv"  
    $results | export-csv  $csvFilePath   -NoTypeInformation -Force
    $results2 | export-csv  $csvFilePath2   -NoTypeInformation -Force
    $excelfile = "D:\extract\Extract_ $(get-date -format ddMMyyyy).xls" 
    function Add-Worksheet{
                Write-Host $_.Fullname -ForegroundColor green  
                Write-Host "File cannot be loaded: $filepath" -ForegroundColor red
    $Excel = New-Object -Com Excel.Application
    Get-ChildItem $filepath -Include *.csv |
        Sort-Object Name -desc|
            Add-Worksheet $_.Fullname
    $xlExcel8 = 56
    $Excel.DisplayAlerts = $false;
    $excel = $null
    $Attach += $excelFilePath
    $Attach +=$csvFilePath 
    #Delete the old csv files.
    Get-ChildItem $filepath -include *.csv -Recurse | Remove-Item

    Wednesday, October 14, 2020 10:48 AM