Remotely deploy failed Microsoft update(s) to remote computers


  • I've searched but unable to find a solution to the issue below.

    How can I accomplish the above using Powershell or,.,.?

    For example, I have several machines hat have one (or more) failed MS Updates that have one (or more) failed MS KB updates that MAY fail on a few

     computers, but not all.  How can I put a list together, perhaps a text file which includes the name of the computer(s), then use some code to deploy the failed update(s) by KB name?

    If it fails to manually deploy it remotely, hopefully the code would include something that would notify which of the computer(s) failed when it's unsuccessful.

    I do have admin rights, but to be certain, can the "code" also actually include the elevated rights I have so as not to fail the deployed update(s) since the users that are logged in do not have admin rights.

    Is this do-able somewhat easily since I have no coding experience?

    Thanks in advance!


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