Updating data in an Excel spreadsheet with data from another spreadsheet


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    Newbie here. I've been looking at your script called Set-ExcelUserDataParam.ps1 I'm wondering if it can be slightly modified to solve a need I have. I need to update only certain cells of a master sheet with data from cells in an update sheet. I'm updating prices of products in the master with new prices in the update. So first I need to find and match each product's SKU in the master and the update. If there is a match, then overlay the data in cells in the master with data from the update. If there is no match, then ignore and move on to the next SKU.


    Take the SKU of the update and find it in the master. When matched, update the master cost, price and MSRP with the corresponding data in the update.


    Can do?


    Thanks, Dennis

    Thursday, March 03, 2011 7:53 PM