How to check CPU temperature in Server 2003 through script


  • Hello Everybody,


    Please let me know how to check Server Temperature / CPU Temperature in a Windows Server 2003 through script, without shutting down the server.


    We have recently upgraded DHCP Server one HP DL 380 G4 Server from 2000 to Server 2003. Hardware specification of the server is:


    CPU: Intel®XeonTM (CPU 3.0 GHz)/2 CPU

    RAM: 1 GB

    Role of the Server: DHCP


    After upgrading the server the temperature is getting higher. Please help me with some script for checking the temperature of the server.





    Thanks & Regards,

    Prosenjit Sen.


    Thanks & Regards, Prosenjit Sen.
    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 3:26 PM