XCOPY and NAS CIFS share


  • Hi there,

    I am using xcopy with /O /X /E /H /K to populate a share on the NAS (CIFS Share) with folders with very specific ACLs.

    If i run it as Domain Admin then everything is ok, when it comes to do this thing using an ordinary user i get: A required privilege is not held by the client or Access Denied. This is done using a command prompt with elevated privileges(Windows 7).

    I know that this is somehow related to NAS CIFS(based on Redhat Linux) and i am asking how to get rid of this issue?


    2012년 2월 20일 월요일 오전 11:05


  • the share has "Authenticated Users" with Read and NTFS Rights Modify.

    2012년 2월 20일 월요일 오후 12:35
  • Can you try granting full share / ntfs rights to the account you are attempting the copy job with. If that works you can work down the permissions to the level where it is most secure but still functional.
    2012년 2월 20일 월요일 오후 12:54
  • the share has "Authenticated Users" with Read and NTFS Rights Modify.

    If your share has "read" permissions, you will never be able to write any files below that share. Change it to at least "Change" to write files. If you need to change permissions, change share rights to "Full Control"

    Ralph de Vos

    2012년 2월 20일 월요일 오후 1:28

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