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    US concerns?

    There is much in the news relative to Cybersecurity. Discerning this data is becoming more and more arduous a task for even the Tech savvy professionals. What are your recommendations on how we can combat the treats and API's , URLS which are exposed to the public on devices? 

    What strategies and practices are you suggesting while we ramp up our Cybersecurity efforts? 

    What accelerated, well-funded grants and campaigns are in motion to get our infrastructure rapidly up to speed?

    What accelerated, well-funded educational and training programs are you supporting to accomplish the tasks?

    Also, same for any contributions you are making toward similar efforts with securing our mobile devices,  ISP routers and devices?

    Long Term Global Options?:

    How could we potentially initiate a central respository for the general public to refer to for reporting potential threats, vulnerabilities, fake source sites,  while perhaps simultaneously acting as a central validation repository of Global Trust.

    These are serious and potential conversations we need to be considering.


    Thursday, January 16, 2020 7:57 PM