Cannot load security CAB file


  • Hello,

    Here's the command that  I'm running on Windows 2003 R2:

    O:\mbsacli.exe /xmlout /catalog O:\ /unicode /nvc >O:\results\%COMPUTERNAME%_MBSA_Scan_Results.xml

    O:\ is a network mapped drive (share/security all Full Control, "Automatic Updates" service is running), running it with Admin permissions in the domain. On the server latest Windows Update Agent is installed.

    I'm getting the following error:


    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
    Version 2.2 (2.2.2170.0)
    (C) Copyright 2002-2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Cannot load security CAB file.


    Any ideas?


    Memento Mori

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  • It seems that I found a solution for this issue. Even when the drive is mapped with all the required permission, as much as I can tell, the scan process failing. However, if the cab file - is copied to LOCAL disk on the system, such as %temp% it works ok.

    Strangely, the scan process when it run "expands/extracts" the content of the cab file and creates 2 files: and package-7352.xml. Perhaps that's unique per system, will test it more later. So, when I run the executable - mbsacli from the mapped drive but the cab file - is located in temp, the process works and the required XML output is created to the same mapped drive (as indicated in the original post). After the report is provided, additional file needs to be cleaned up from the %temp% directory (or any directory you choose to put at), the file name is So, the clean up process should delete both and

    What really annoying here is that AS USUAL the lack of proper description and documentation of the scanning process which could assist in resolving the issue. The MBSA software is what, 14 years old?

    I would love to hear comments from the Microsoft on this.

    Thank you for wasting my time, again, figuring out issues that could be easily solved by adding simple process description to the appropriate documents.

    Memento Mori

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