Auto config MDT about taking effect CustomSettings.ini with powershell RRS feed

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  • Dear all, 

    This time i try to config MDT with powershell fully 
    before that i prepare  all .csv file for create node Structure of Deployment Workbench 
    and import application ,drivers ,OperatingSystem , TaskSequence and SelectionProfile
    I have customized each sample file  BootStrap.ini ,CustomSettings.ini in my environment 
    and after import application  i get the application guid and renew the CustomSettings.ini with powershell
    and copy it to the "control" folder the  Update-MDTDeploymentShare ,and Add-Image to  the WDS server all was finish without  error 
    but in the test the CustomSettings.ini didn't work ,after i refresh the rules  in Deployment Workbench GUI console only deleting a empty line 
    though Update-MDTDeploymentShare the deployment test fully automatic , but when i make the last effective CustomSettings.ini as a sample 
    to run my scrip for configuration  MDT with powershell fully it didn't work 
    Do we must refresh in Deployment Workbench GUI console property sheet so that make it can be effective or in the powershell command  line 
    to renew the sample CustomSettings.ini and copy it to the "control" folder before Update-MDTDeploymentShare step
    any one have met this problem and thank for giving me some surgeons 
    Thursday, August 6, 2020 6:59 PM

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