Will a full user profile synchronization delete all existing data?


  • I had a problem earlier this month where ForefrontIdentitySynchronization service and c2wts were not working.  During this time, we had some new employees join the company and their AD profiles never imported into SharePoint.  I believe I have the user profile service sync repaired as it picks up changes to existing employees (location, extension, name etc.) but it is not picking up the new employees it missed while it was down.


    I'd like to do a full synchronization with user profile service to see if it captures the users it missed before, but I really don't want to potentially lose all the personalized bios, colleagues and so on that employees have set up for themselves.  Will a full profile synchronization delete the MySites and so on of existing employees that are utilizing them?

    Thursday, April 28, 2011 7:47 PM


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