How do I create a summary report/dashboard for a issue tracking list?


  • Hi,

    Firstly, Im working with MOSS 2007. I created a issue tracking list, but I would need to create a dashboard or summary report, for the stakeholders (preferably a dashboard), based on the list issue data. The stakeholders would like to see graphs and quick overviews of the issues, but I'm not sure how to add such webparts or link the list to the report center. Is it even possible to do so in SharePoint? or would I need 3rd party assistance?

    Creating existing custom views will also not be sufficient. The stakeholders require drill down and chart ability.

    I can always retrieve the issue data from the sharepoint database and have a Cognos report run off the retrieved data, but I feel this might be a overkill and tie up resources, which wouldnt be beneficial based on the requirement scope.

    Any ideas or advice will be appreciated.


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