Creating a survey with paging


  • Hi all.

    I need to create a Q&A with a few (about 20, 30) questions and I would like to have two pages, instead of using a huge page with all the questions.

    So, my question is:

    - What's the best way to create a survey in SP 2007 with paging (ASP Net web parts to hide controls, Develop a feature, ...)?
    - What can I and can I not accomplish with Infopath (is it suitable for this task)?
    - Should I use the existing Survey List Template?

    I've seen people saying one should look for the ONET.xml of surveys; others saying they create application pages or use the page view web part. I would like to know the advantages and capabilities of the various methods, and in the end, maybe chose the one with less complexity, since this is to be a simple task.


    "The more difficult somehing became, the more rewardant it was in the end"
    Tuesday, July 06, 2010 9:24 AM


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