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    I am using RS 2005 trying to create the following report.  My report consists of the following columns: Question, Sub Question, N as Number of Responses, All as Average for all responses per given question and sub question, and Ethnicity column which is presented here in a Matrix format with ethnic group as columns and average response as Data values.  It looks like my challenge is to combine Matrix format report (Ethnicity column) with a data such as N and All columns which are more like a table format.  Any input how I could tackle this is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you! 


    1.How often have you done each of the following?

    N All F M Asian Multi-cultural
    a. Worked on a paper or project that required integrating ideas or information from various sources 1134 3.96 3.95 3.99 3.54 4.50
    b. Used library resources 1132 4.21 4.26 4.09 4.12 4.33
    c. Prepared multiple drafts of a paper or assignment before turning it in 1130 3.90 3.97 3.76 3.80 4.50

    Thursday, April 20, 2006 6:30 PM

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