How to setup Windows Network Load Balancer for SharePoint 2010


  • I have an environment running two WFEs and one application server. WNLB is used to load balance the traffic for two WFEs. The WNLB works for regular virtual websites on IIS, but doesn't work for SharePoint web applications. It seems like there are some configurations to be done in Alternate Access Mappings. Accessing the portal using each server's name or IP is fine. It just cannot use the WNLB url to access the portal. The WNLB is created with a local FQDN, WNLB01.contoso.local, and the actual URL for users is is a record created manually n the zone of on the local DNS and is pointed to the IP address of the WNLB.

    Anyone has instructions to configure WNLB to work with SharePoint web front end servers? Any information is appreciated.

    Friday, December 30, 2011 5:38 AM


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