Explicit Paths & Nested Site Collections


  • Question:  We have been using the explicit option in the manage paths dialog, and I wonder if we are using it correctly (fortunately we are only in Sharepoint testing phases at this point.)


    We wanted to represent a global site with several branch underneath.  Then each of these branches have multiple departments.  The idea is to have the global portal as a site collection, each branch as another site collection, and then each department as either a sub-site or a site collection (depending on the number of documents they generate.)


    So here is the resulting taxonomy that we were able to successfully create:

    Our root is called:    \\wt\

      - We plan to use this like a worldwide HQ welcome page.


    Next level represents branches (identified by country) where we created explicit paths, where we create site collections:  





    Then we use more explicit paths as follows, which allows us to create additional site collections for each department at each branch if we so desire:








    Is this approach going to create problems for us?  From what I have been hearing, we should not be able to create site-collections underneath other site collections.  But in fact, this is exactly what we are doing in this scenario.  (One interesting problem that we have seen is that InfoPath does not want to publish any forms to any of the site collections that were created at an explicit path, but only site collections created under a wildcard path.  Perhaps this is just a bug in InfoPath though.)


    Also, this question may be related to the use of "imbedded site collections", which I have only heard of but do not have any experience with.  So if anyone could provide an explanation of how this works, that would be helpful too.

    Monday, February 04, 2008 2:45 PM