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    I work for an organisation that involves 3 separate sites, the main site has the ops mgr server which monitors all servers across the org.

    We use DPM and hyper-V replication for our DR and BC.  

    What i wanted to do it have a monitor in our office that displays alerts for DPM and replication just for our servers, at the moment when i go into the console the active alerts displays alerts for all servers across all 3 sites.

    I been playing around with my workspace and the custom dashboard/alert widgets, but im not able to work out how to get these alerts to display just for us.  The 2 column dashboard with 2 custom alert widgets seemed like the way to go, but i cant figure out how to get it to display alerts for replication and DPM respectively, i had it in my head that one widget would display all our DPM alerts and the other our replication.

    I did this before in my last job but it was a server just for one site, so i just had everything displaying in the active alerts and used overrides to make sure it only displayed the servers i was interested in.

    we are using scom 2012 and the MPs for DPM and hyper-v are installed already.

    I just need some help with displaying the alerts, assuming what i want to do can be achieved anyway

    hope all this makes sense, ask away if there are any questions!

    Vicky Tofield

    Technical Support Engineer

    Thursday, November 14, 2019 1:54 PM

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  • Hi Vicky,

    For both DPM and Hyper-V, you could for example create separate groups for them (one group for DPM servers, another group for Hyper-V servers), or one group for both of them, whichever you like, and only add the servers that you want to be seen in the group(s), so that you don't have any DPM or Hyper-V servers from another site.

    Then create a dashboard view with for example a grid layout, add widgets for what you want to see in the dashboard view, when adding the widgets have them target the group that you created.

    So you would get something like:

    Best regards,

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