what is the best way to learn sharepoint administration and deployment without access to a server


  • Hi I am new to sharepoint, and want to know the best way to learn this technology. I have web design and development experience with dreamweaver. The sharepoint technolgy seems quite different. I am a hands on learner and learn best by having the software and incorporating books to start the learning process. The bought one of Microsofts step by step books , but they require access to a windows server. since I dont have access to a server with sharepoint installed, what is the best way to learn the technology? any suggesstions would be greatly appreciated... Regards, Paul Gemme
    Thursday, March 10, 2011 2:47 AM


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  • What about to start learning by videos?


    By the way SharePoint 2010 can be installed on Vista SP2 or Windows 7 as well.

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    Thursday, March 10, 2011 6:29 AM
  • Microsoft azure will provide 30 day (though MS advertise 60days but its only 30 days) free trail to build SharePoint environment. There is step by step document how to setup the SharePoint environment, it will take anywhere 4 to 5 hours to complete the whole setup.

    Actually without having hardware at home you can build this environment at your figure tips. But you have to provide your credit card details at MS site they won’t charge you until unless if you have used more than 30 days and extended your trail period to production.

    I would recommend before you setup the environment. Go through the share point online documentation or training videos on YouTube.

    Have prior knowledge in the following areas.

    1. SQL Server
    2. Windows 2012 basics
    3. IIS administration
    4. Understanding of how the web application works etc.
    5. Share point 2012 features

    Note: Once your work is done; shutdown the VM in the cloud otherwise your trail period will get over in few days.

    This is one of the best methods to build your environment without having expensive hardware at home. Let me know if you need help on setup and training.


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