Recurring Meetings emailed to Sharepoint Calendar not syncing with Outlook 2007


  • I have a calendar in Sharepoint that has a number of meeting requests in it.  When I click Actions -> Connect to Outlook, the calendar is synced with my Outlook 2007.  However, recurring meetings that are emailed to the SharePoint calendar are not synced to Outlook.  For example, if I create a recurring meeting and email it to the Sharepoint Calendar, it appears in the SharePoint calendar.  When I connect to Outlook, however, it does not sync to Outlook.  If I drag and drop a recurring meeting from my Outlook Calendar to the Sharepoint calendar (in Outlook), the meeting is synced back to the Sharepoint calendar with no issues.  If I create a recurring meeting by clicking "New" in the Sharepoint calendar, the Calendar item is synced to Outlook with no issues.  Non-recurring meeting requests are synced with no issues.  This issue affects ONLY recurring meetings that are emailed to the Sharepoint calendar.
    If I mail a recurring meeting request to the SharePoint Calendar and then modify the series through the web interface, when I attempt to Connect to Outlook, I receive an error: Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x80004005) : 'Failed to copy one or more items. For more details, see the log file .'  I am using Outlook 2007; all information I can find regarding this error seems to be related to Outlook 2003 and the solution is to upgrade to Outlook 2007. I turned on logging in Outlook and the errors I could see in the logs were simply:
      <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    - <errors>
      <error>Error mapping item #214</error>
      <error>Error mapping item #215</error>
      <error>Error mapping item #312</error>
      <error>Error mapping item #292</error>
      <error>Error mapping item #282</error>

    The item numbers correspond to recurring meetings in SharePoint that were created via email. 
    Everything else seems to be working correctly.  Has anyone seen this before?  Can anyone provide a solution?
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  • Hi,


    It is a known issue; you sync the calendar in Outlook 2007 to a calendar list on a SharePoint site. You create a recurring all-day event in the calendar list on a SharePoint site that contains some event instances that cross a daylight saving time boundary. When you edit an instance of the event after the time boundary on the SharePoint site and then try to sync the calendar in Outlook 2007, it will not sync to Outlook. The issue has fixed by the KB961752:


    Hope it helps.

    Xue-Mei Chang
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009 8:25 AM
  • Thanks, but this hotfix appears to be a Pre-SP2 hotfix and will not install for my version of Outlook which is patched to SP2.  I don't think that this is related to the daylight saving time issue; it occurs for me even when the recurrence is scheduled to end prior to March 14.  Additionally, I don't need to edit an instance of the event to cause the issue not to sync correctly.
    Any other ideas?
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009 2:25 PM