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  • I have a claims based authentication (sso) scenario with SharePoint 2013:

    A SharePoint site (RP-STS) configured and working with a ClientName-ADFS (ID-STS). Where the Client-ADFS is accessible only from their internal network - hence the login redirection would not work from internet and hence the Authentication-SSO works only when our SharePoint site is accessed from their intranet only. hence the path is SharePoint --> Client-ADFS.

    the problem:

    With the default zone enabled for https ; A single test user was able to login; but required authorization (addition to SharePoint group)

    With a zone authenticating for Windows only, when I tried to add the user, it did not allow for sometime and later it did in this rare instance! and this helped confirm that the Test user could not login through the Claims-Provider setup ...

    BUT, then I cant add any more of the other users (with their) EmailIds as setup.

    Please educate me, I am missing some thing possibly specific to this scenario or in general with the Claims setup. Either ways, this needs resolution rather urgently for me (because I am so important!!)

    Regards, Aaseaf

    Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:15 PM

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  • Quick addition to the problem, 

    I cannot get it to work with Windows and Client-Claims together and the error .... What I would have liked to see even before this error is a LOGIN page with two options for Windows and "ClientNameSTSProvider"


    aix9j High     SPRequest.OpenWeb: UserPrincipalName=, AppPrincipalName= ,bstrUrl=http://spdtst:9001/_layouts/15/AccessDenied.aspx?Source=http://spdtst:9001/Pages/default.aspx&Type=list&name={19C74938-E66D-44D2-AF5E-78FBE1905EFD} d53f039c-9580-c0dc-9c00-ae20644d5975

    02/28/2013 17:19:12.58  w3wp.exe (0x12C0)                        0x1018 SharePoint Foundation          General                        ai1wu Medium   System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)), StackTrace:    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.InitWeb()     .....


    Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:39 PM