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    Dear Team,

    We have customer with operations and branches world wide , they want to do AD consolidation, their scenario, as below

    1) Currently they have one empty root domain with 4 child domains ,

    Empty Forest : xyz.corp

    Child domain is : (Exchange and SharePoint server are installed in this site)

    2) Apart from this , there are Sites in Europe and US having their own separate AD domains,

    3) The users for Europe and US are having dual account , one in their local domain and one in Head Office AD , (So when a users logs on , user first authenticate with the local dc and then uses the second credential to logon to Head Office )

    4) The Only resource user is accessing in Head Office is Exchange and SharePoint,

    5) There are 30 sites with like this having their own domain and 2000 users in all,

    Some sites have VPN Access to Head Office , rest are using Outlook anywhere and https to access sharepoint portal,

    End result is to get all users in one AD and the workstations in one AD,

    The Customer is going to Azure AD with 2 Sites (Europe and US),

    All users from Europe would be migrated to and all users from US would be in , and then also to two cloud sites in Europe and US ,

    at each site in in Europe and US there would be DC places that would be having VPN connection to Azure Site ,

    (is it required) ?

    There are some site with less users having no DC , how will they logon, (These sites are generally without a fix ip address , )

    do we need a vpn for such sites for users to login ,

    Also is there a way the workstation in such sites can login directly to cloud (Workstation are Either windows 7/8),

    Need advise on and technical suggestions , in both design and technical end,


    Hasan Reza,

    Thursday, November 12, 2015 7:05 AM

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  • Dear All,

    Still waiting to get a response on my query ,

    Anyone to help me,


    Hasan Reza

    Friday, November 20, 2015 9:28 PM