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  • We wanted to collect usage statistics for all shares on different file servers.
    It tries to find out how much disk space is consumed under each share as well as the amount of files under each.
    The problem is that it has blocked the inheritance of certain permissions on the NTFS side, so the account used in the SCOM account (Run-as) cannot properly monitor what it wants. It uses custom scripts to monitor the disk space used and the number of files, but it receives an error message regarding access rights (due to inheritance blocked on the NTFS).
    The Run-as account is not a local administrator account on the file server side. We did Script testing with the System account and with an AD account that was a member of the Local Administrators group and we got AccesDenied.

    Manually adding the permissions on a folder works. 

    Planning to use icacls, but we have many folders were inheritance is disabled. 



    Any help or suggestions appreciated.

    Monday, October 30, 2017 2:16 PM


  • Hi,

    Based on your question, as far as I know, the easiest way is to enable inheritance, you may refer to the following article as your reference:

    If you don’t want to enable inheritance based on your environment, you can try to run cmd and enter icacls C:\<folder> /grant <user>(OI)(CI)F /t to see if it helps.

    For example : icacls c:\test /grant john(OI)(CI)F /t

    Best Regards,

    Tobias Fang

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