DPM 1807 not scheduling RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I'm facing strange behavior of DPM 1807 and cannot find anything about it.


    We had a crash of DPM 2016 (fully updated). Fortunately I'm keeping even DPM database backed up in different location. I have decided to go for DPM 1801, restore database (as just DPM system failed, not disk with backups) and then upgrade to 1807.

    All went well, I have installed prerequisities (SQL 2016, all updates, etc..), installed clear DPM 1801, then restored database with dpmsync and after that run "dpmsync -sync". Config was restored, I have synced all protection groups and checked consistency and created recovery points... Great all is working except SQL backups schedules - they are possible to do manual recovery point, but sync each 4 hours is not working. I even do not see scheduled jobs for 90% of databases. Strange is that few databases are possible to backup and schedules are created.

    So I have decided to delete all backup data of SQL and protection group, create it from scratch, but again just same 10 databases have schedules and rest ~40 databases don't (I mean schedules in monitoring tab, or even in SQL Server Agent).

    In event log there are no errors (on any server DPM neither SQL). I do not know where to look and what to reconfigure, why schedules are not created.

    I have found that databases with "simple" recovery model are not backed up each 4 hours. But I think that before upgrade to 1807 they were.

    Is there any change in DPM 1807 with this? How can I backup "simple" databases each 4 hours?


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  • Hello!

    Have you checked the DPM logs on both the DPM server and the protected server's DPM logs for any more clues?

    DPM Server log

    Location: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\Temp Logs

    Log name: MSDPMCurr.errlog

    DPM Protected Server log

    Location: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\Temp Logs

    Log name: DPMRACurr.errlog

    Also what SQL Server version is it that is working and that is failing?

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    Thursday, January 3, 2019 7:48 AM