User profile issue after renaming user AD account


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    We have user in our domain, whos account was renamed (NOT recreated) one day (domain\usr1 -> domain\usr2). For some period of time everthing was working fine for this user (around our intranet based on Sharepoint 2007 - MOSS, standard edition), but one day sudenly this user start getting "Unexpected error occured" when trying to open any of our intranet sites. I've started to dig around this and found that inside "content database" for our main web application, there is no account "domain\usr2", but we still have account "domain\usr1". In addition to that, when I log into this user and hit "My setting" page I'm getting error that "User profile was not found and can not be presented". Those two things look connected.

    Does any one enconter similar problem ? Can I just manually update UserInfo table with proper login ? if not, is there other way to force sync of this content database with "user profile import SSP" (inside user profile admin page->view profiles <- I can find domain\usr2, which is correct)

    thank you in advance for any ideas
    best regards
    Mariusz, Gorzoch

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