How to send an email to Supervisor (field in the form) after New Item in a list is created?


  • I have user who creates a record and User's Supervisor, who need to get notification about new record (different Users have different Supervisors and they input them manually into field when create a new record).

    (Users I've mentioned are domain users with emails assigned to them and we use Outlook that is integrated with our sharepoint)


    1) I've tried to create a workflow in Sharepoint Designed (as described here: , but there I can choose only concrete email address (I need it to be populated from the field on the form).

    I think the workflow can be configured somehow to send an email to user from a field, but I don't know how. 


    2) I've created a new view with filters by Supervisor and configured Alerts for the view, but it is too complicated for all Supervisors to do that. (just not the best solution)


    any ideas? 

    Friday, November 26, 2010 12:01 PM


  • Yes, it's very easy.  When configuring the email action of your workflow, click the button on the To line and choose "lookup user from workflow."  That will let you choose the Supervisor field from the Current Item - very simple and works very well.

    Btw, the thread you referenced was for 2007.  This is the 2010 forum, and you didn't specify your version, so the assumption is you're using 2010.

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