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  • Hello,

     is there a way(could be a script) how to synchronize Sharepoint contacts(whether connected or not to Outlook) with users contacts in Outlook(resp. with Exchange)?

    Problem is that we use Sharepoint for company-wide contacts(customers, suppliers, etc..) and our emploees use Mail for Exchange on Nokia phones to sync with Exchange server, they also use Outlook on their laptops but Sharepoint and Mail for Exchange are very different animals - MfE doesnt talk to Sharepoint to retrieve contacts, the only way is to use GAL in Exchange but is has other drawbacks.

     Anyway MfE talks to Exchange contacts so my idea is to sync Sharepoint and Exchange automatically - would be great if it worked on server itself but its probably too difficult but because both Exchange and WSS meets in Outlook I think it would be easiest to make a script that can copy contacts from Sharepoint address list to Outlook.Or is there another way?

    Please if someone has a solution for this scenario, it would be great.

    Thanks for answer.


    Friday, July 08, 2011 12:03 PM


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