password prompt window


  • When loading my sharepoint site in internet explorer it does not prompt for authentication i beleive it's because i'm using windows authentication and that is fine with me, a correct authentication on the computer, authenticates all services.

    But at first when i load a sharepoint site on Mozilla Firefox it says:

    The requested URL could not be retrieved
    While trying to retrieve the URL: http://wdsi38/sites/email/default.aspx

    To solve this i added the server wdsi38 on No proxy for in mozilla's connection settings, hit refresh it asks me for authentication and then it loads me the site.

    But i don't want to have all this stress, i want mozilla firefox to load the sharepoint sites the same way internet explorer does, it takes me directly to the sharepoint site, with no configurations or authentications in between.

    How can i work around my firefox to behave this way?

    Please advise... "pursuit of knowledge under difficulties...once UTPIAN soldier, a soldier forever"
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