SQL CE 4.0 connection.Open takes a very long time on XP


  • EMPTY database opens on XP ~20 seconds. on W7 - all ok.

    i have recreated sdf on the XP machine. database is empty, and it didn't help. it still takes ~20 sec to open the database.

    any suggestions

    11. března 2012 7:17


  • Hi Ru. Tonik

    Is your database encrypted?  Please try to connect database without encryption.  Do you have any other connection object open for the application?  Do you use admin user account that installed SQL Server CE 4 on the XP machine?

    What version of XP you are running? Please download and install XP SP3 because the older SP levels are not supported. You can download from here.

    If you try to open a database from desktop on a device for the first time sqlce will recreate all the indexes and takes lot of time. But from second connection onwards you should not see any delay. For more information, please refer to this Blog. 

    Regards, Amber zhang

    13. března 2012 2:44
  • Sure:

    - Test with Sysinternals Process Explorer to see what takes time

    - Test 4.0 SP1

    Please mark as answer, if this was it. Visit my SQL Server Compact blog

    15. března 2012 20:44

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