upgrading sql 2005 to sql 2008 or 2008 r2


  • Hi

    I have a windows server 2003 R2 x64 SP2
    Its running SQL 2005 standard

    I'm trying to upgrade it to sql 2008 R2

    When we did the first time it only installed management studio but didn't upgrade the instance
    I uninstalled sql 2008 management studio and tried again making sure that I ran the same version of sql, being standard. I also checked the databases and they say they are x64.

    I then ran the upgrade again and when it gets to select features, the only 2 features listed are greyed out and so an error appears saying no features selected.
    I checked where online I read I should be able to find the summary.txt but I only found one with an old time stamp, there log pointed towards it being the wrong version, but going by the databases it should be right. The txt file seemed to be old based on the time stamp so I deleted it and tried again but it failed again and the summary.txt was not recreated.

    In add/remove programs, most times it fails it creates a new "ms sql (setup)" program in the list which I uninstall.

    I've tried installing via command line with no luck either

    When I try to install via the GUI it doesn't give you a choice of x86 or 64bit but I did notice if I go to advance I can set a radio button to x86 or 64bit but not sure if this changes what is used. I tried command line in order to see if I could force 64bit or x86 since going direct to x86 or 64bit folders and running the exe's in there gives an error saying to run from the root setup.exe for gui or use command line.

    tried many different media, also treid enterprise version just incase. Restarted server after each try

    I was going to try sql 2008 standard from msdn subscription download but I could only find express, web and enterprise

    Any ideas what to try next? thanks

    Montag, 6. Mai 2013 14:46


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