Can somone please tell me what really needs to be installed on a machine in order to have (LocalDB)\v11.0 work correctly


  • IS SQL 2012 LocalDB stable enough to deploy?

    I have tried to integrate it into an application,  it works fine on my SQL 2010 development server, but it dones't work correctly, ( unable to connec to instance on my ) win 2008 machine I'm trying to deploy my application to..  From reading docs myunderstanding is that the only thing I should need to rely upon is

    -1- SqlLocalDB 2012 being installed

    -2- 4.0.2 .NET update.

    I have ensured the following two are on the delpoyment machine however I still cannot make use of (LocalDB)\v11.0 wihtin my connection string. am I missing something?

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 1:32 AM

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