What setting controls that the currently logged on users credentials should be passed to IIS while generating a report?


  • The problem i'm having is that i'm trying to setup SSRS 2005 for authentication with the users windows AD account details. I've gone through a few permutations until i found the very good utility from Microsoft called DelegConfig. I ran through all the steps and had a few issues with SPNs which i sorted and running the delegconfig with my credentials and from a remote computer shows that everything is working correctly for Kerberos.

    I though that was it and that the next time i ran the SSRS report it would run fine. It did, except the connection details through to SQL Server where the credentials for the SSRS service and not my credentials.

    I'm assuming that kerberos is now working but i'm still unsure of setting i need from the reporting services side as i'm assuming that it's at SSRS that the credentials are being passed incorrectly.

    I've set the report DS to windows integrated but this seems to change nothing.

    Does anyone have any ideas?



    Wednesday, March 21, 2012 12:55 PM