Looking for Ideas on how to Generate /Maintain 1000 page publication in Sql


  • Hi

    I need to maintain a large publication that will be distributed on CD/DVD or Web

    It is currently a text file that is parsed and wrapped in html.

    This is a documents of parts where there are categories/ parts /desc / additiona info

    Was thinking of moving into a db to maintain. I was wondering if there are any examples similar to this out there that I can look at for ideas ?

    or possible suggestions on how to procede ?

    -Would need to maintain version/changes by year

    -Generate in Word/PDF and/or HTML for Web or some other HELP like document

    Data will look like


    Category 01

                  Part 01-001 Wigit for ENgine

                  This part 01-001 is associated with part 02-001 

                  Part 01-002 Wigit for ENgine

                  This part 01-002 is associated with part 02-002, part 01-001 



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  • Hi,

    You may take a look on the sample databases for SQL Server.

    I hope it helps.


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  • Ho many levels could be references part 02-004, part 01-003,part 02-002, part 01-001?????

    Take a look at hierarchy structure db design...

    Best Regards, Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP

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