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  • Our Server environment:  Windows 2008R2 hosts, each containing 3 instances of SQL 2005, each instance contains 300 to 500 databases.
    Our DBA client environment:  Windows 8 notebooks with SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition. 

    Issue: The DBA team launches SQL 2012 SSMS  to access instances in non-trusted domains through the use of a shortcut containing the RUNAS /NETONLY /USER SSMS.exe syntax.  Prior to upgrading to windows 8, our client OS was Windows 7 and the 2012 SSMS worked without issue. 

    When we connect to any of these instances from the SSMS with the object explorer details open, the SSMS will hang for up to 20 to 30 minutes. (Not Responding).  If we launch the SSMS without the OED open and connect to an instance, it will open normally, BUT when we expand the databases directory the same "hang" occurs. 

    This issue can be reproduced on multiple computers. 

    TL;DR:   After upgrading to windows 8, the SSMS databases list hangs for up to 30 minutes where the same configuration on windows 7 worked seamlessly.

    Thanks for any assist that you can provide. 


    Scott Davis

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012 5:09 PM

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