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  • As you have received the notification in O365 Message Center, SPO site owners can now generate a CSV file that shows how their content is being shared, both inside and outside the organization. Generate the report which shows all shared content from the "Shared with External Users" section of the Site Usage page. 
    The report outputs a CSV file that contains a row for every unique user, permission, link, and item that has been shared with both internal and external users.

    CSV format

    For items shared with direct access, the report contains one row for each user / item combination. SharePoint groups are shown in the report, but not individual users inside them.
    For items shared with a link, the report contains a row for each signed-in user who has used the link or has been sent the link through the sharing dialog box. Links emailed directly that haven't been clicked, and Anyone links are not included in the report.

    The report contains the following columns:

    Please take the following steps to run the report:

    1.As a site owner, go to site usage page ->click “Run Report” under the Shared with external users section:

    2.Choose a destination to save the report:

    3.We got an csv file:

    OneDrive Owners can generate the report from the OneDrive Settings -> "More Settings" page.


    • We will be gradually rolling this out to targeted release customers in late September.
    • We will be gradually rolling this out to all customers, including GCC and Department of Defense in early October.
    • The roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of November.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q – How long take the report to be generated? 
    A – For large sites it might take couple of hours. For smaller sites it can be relatively quick.

    Q – Will the user who generated the report be notified? 
    A – Yes, whoever runs the report will get an email as well.

    Q – Can anybody run the report? 
    A – No, only site owners. 

    Q – Where is the CVS file saved? 
    A – When you run the report, the CSV file is saved to a location of your choosing on the site. 

    Q – What if I don’t want site members to see the report? 
    A – If you don't want site members to see the report, consider creating a folder with different permissions where only site owners can access the report.


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