SSRS 2008 R2 Subscription Include Link rights


  • Hi All,

    Let's say I set a subscription report including only the link to the report. Sometimes these emails or only the links from these emails are forwarded, and I want to make sure that only those who I granted access can view the report. So my question is whether a person can view the report clicking on the link

    • if they do not have any right neither on the report nor on the data source? (E.g. some bad guy 'steals' the link)
    • if they do not have any right on the report but have right on the data source (because it is a shared DS used in other report they have right on)?

    Many thanks.P.

    Friday, March 02, 2012 2:59 PM


  • Hi Petso,

    The answer for your two question is "no"! To access a report through the link, he needs role-based permission to access the Report Server first, and then have

    SQL Server Reporting Services uses role-based authorization and an authentication subsystem to determine who can perform operations and access items on a report server. Reporting Services includes predefined roles that you can assign to users and groups to provide immediate access to a report server. Content Manager, Publisher, and Browser are examples of predefined roles.

    Reporting Services also uses role-based security to control access to items(such as a Report) that are stored on a report server.

    For more information about Access Control in Reporting Services, please see:


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