Local site runs very slow and times out


  • Hi,

    Here's my dilemma. Previously my local iis site is working okay. Until I was interested in learning SSIS.

    I installed this Data Mining add-in but I am not sure if this was causing my local site to run slow. Thus I decided to uninstall it but still having the same issue, so I decided to re install my SQL Server again. I have un-installed my SQL Server thinking it would restore default settings (if I have caused some issue on the add-in). However after successfully installed a new SQL Server, my local site still loads so slow.

    It can passed the login page and redirects the user to the default page after logging in. I can see the user details as well but status below the web page shows "Waiting for localhost.." and page is still loading. If I click on a link or tab or another page, it would time out and no longer continues or if I wait for the page to load, it would still timeout.

    - SQL configuration is running

    - Allowed port 1433

    - Added SQL Server Mgt Studio in Windows Firefall to allow it

    I do not understand why this is happening, please help me! :(

    by the way the site is working fine on its test link (not local).


    Sunday, April 21, 2013 5:12 AM


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