MS-SQL End-Of-Life (EOL) Question.


  • I work with a Product that is only certified with MS-SQL 2005.  They do not yet officially support MS-SQL 2008 running in 2005 Compatibility Mode.

    I see that the "Mainstream Support Retired" Date for MS-SQL 2005 is 4/12/2011 and I have some questions surrounding that.

    Can MS-SQL 2005 still be purchased?  If so, when will sales stop?  I presume they will be halted prior to the end of mainstream support.  Is there a link anyplace that would help me prove this date?  Such as a link somewhere that says Microsoft stops new sales of software 12 months prior to end of Mainstream support?  This information may assist me in pushing for faster official support for MS-SQL 2008 in some fashion.

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010 4:09 PM