How can I use the excel time intelligence functions with PowerPivot R2


  • Hi,

    A customer is requesting that we configure the powerpivot report to automatically only the current month from the month slicer (PowerPivot for SharePoint). Allowing him to select previous months from the months slicer if necessary. 

    It it possible to use the excel time intelligence filters to apply a filter like "This month" to a date field in PowerPivot R2?

    The base structure of the report is:

    • Sales Table Containing sales figures + transaction date
    • DateDim Table Containing all the date fields and datekey field

    My Initial plan was to simply apply an excel time intelligence filter to the PivotTable to filter by this month but the only filters available are text filters.

    I have upgraded this same report to PP RC0 and marked the DateDim table as a Date table and it is now allowing me to use the time intelligence filters allowing this way to predefine slicer selections.

    Is there anyway to achieve the same functionality with PP R2?


    Osvaldo Sousa

    Thursday, February 23, 2012 4:39 PM


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