Publishing stored procedures


  • We're setting up transactional replication so we have a copy of our OLTP database that we can use mostly for running reports.

    I see that we can publish stored procedures as well as tables.  I have two questions about it.

    First, is it a good idea, or are there gotchas.

    Second, if a stored procedure is published, I presume that "alter procedure" will be propagated to the subscribers, but does that mean it becomes illegal to drop and recreate a published SP?

    I see that one semi-gotcha is that when you add a new SP, you have to manually add it to the publication.

    We do want to maintain all the reporting SPs on both servers, we may sometimes want to run them on the OLTP server directly.

    SQL 2008 R2.



    Tuesday, June 11, 2013 7:18 PM