no data is getting logged to transaction table after the entity is set to have member type transaction log in MDS 2016 RRS feed

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    We have upgraded recently from MDS 2012 to MDS 2016. Once the database are upgraded all the entities are set to transaction log - Attribute type . The changes made to the entities were being logged into tbl_**_TR table as expected but the 'view history' feature on the UI was disabled. 

    Client has been actively using the feature 'View History' thus we have updated the entities to have transaction log type - Member , which enabled the feature as expected but post this the changes on entity data are not being logged onto tbl_**_TR table. We have built reports on tbl_**_TR table that looks for all the changes for the entities made for particular duration for specific attributes. 

    Please advise to get the transactions logged properly.

    I have already used Leaf member history/ SCD Type subscription views for few entities, but I need to have transactions log for all entities on the application ( 400+) at attribute level, i.e. I want to view the changes done on attribute1 on entity within specific period.

    Wednesday, December 4, 2019 12:08 PM