How do I install a Sql Server 2008 Client on my pc?


  • I have sql server 2008 on a cluster.  I would like to install a sql server client on my local pc, so that I can remotely connect to sql server 2008 on a cluster and be able to query for some information. 

    0. I backed up my pc using windows restore point.
    1. On my windows xp pro pc, I inserted Sql server 2008 Enterprise dvd.
    2. I installed prerequisites such as .net framework.
    3. I restarted the computer.
    4. I ran the sql server installation center.
    5. I clicked on Installation menu item.
    6. I clicked on New Sql Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation
    7. I went through the wizard and came on the step where I had to select certain features to be enabled.

    There are several features that I would like to enable:

    Client Tools Connectivity
    Management Tools - Basic
    Management Tools - Complete
    Sql Client Connectivity SDK

    I am not sure whether any of them is necessary for running queries on a remote sql server.  Could somebody explain what each of them means and what I needed for running a client on my pc?  Thanks in advance.
    Thursday, January 14, 2010 8:03 PM


  • Client Tools Connectivity - if you are just going to connect to SQL server remotely or ceonncting from remote to this SQL server, you need SQL native client - Installs components for communication between clients and servers, and network libraries for DB-Library, ODBC, and OLE DB.

    Management Tools - (basic and complete) - This blog article will explain you what is the diff between those two types. You really need this , this will have SQL Server Management Studio ,SQL Server Configuration Manager,Database Engine Tuning Advisor, profiler and BIDS.

    SQL Client Connectivity SDK: This feature includes the Software Development Kit containing connectivity resources for developers.

    Thanks, Leks
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