Setup permission table to secure data


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    I would like to setup a permission table in SQL from which i would like to decide which user has permission to what so i can use this as filters in report manager based on each users id.  From my example below i would like to setup a permission table that secures that user A gets access to sales only for France, B for USA E for Norway and USA and so on and the user shoul only have datareader roles. My question is how to setup such table and how to make it work when a user goes in to report manager to wiew a sales report that shows sales for all this tables. I think i know how to set the filter in a stored procedure to make this work but i dont really know how to do the initial setup of the table and how get the connection between user id in my permission table and the userid that is working in report manager. I also wonder if it is neccesary to setup new usergroups in the sql database sto make this work? Is there someone that have any easy example that explains how to make this work?

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    UserId	Country
    A	France
    B	USA
    C	Norway
    D	France
    E	Norway
    E	USA
    Sales table 	
    Country	Sales
    France	10
    USA	30
    Norway	20

    Arne Olsson

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 9:43 AM